Pennies for Patients campaign to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Our campaign continues through conferences. Please talk to your child and check out Schoology for more daily details.  We would love to hit our goal of raising $20,000 and maintaining our number-one place in the four-state fundraising area.  See below in Links and Forms for information regarding donating online.

Thank you for your support.

Orders for the 2015-2016 Clearwater yearbook will begin soon!
The details are as follows:
Dates: February1 through March 31
Price: $17.00
How to order:
                    ID code: 4123016
                    This is a credit card only pay option; you may pay in the Clearwater                     office with check or cash.

Check out the new Middle Years Publications below in links and forms.
This is a newsletter for parents of middle school age children.
It provides parents helpful tips and information.

Added Security Measures
Visitors coming to Clearwater during the school day will be required to use our recently installed intercom/buzz-in system to enter the building at our main entrance. Signage on the main entry doors will provide visitors with the necessary instructions for entry. With the installation of new technology pieces coming in to place, we are excited to have an added measure of security for our students and staff.



Mark your calendar:

February 15  President's Day No School
February 25  Grades 5-12 District Band Festival at WHS
February 29-March 3 - Middle School Week Celebration
March 4  No School Teacher Work Day
March 7-11 No School Spring Break



Moving in or out of District 110
If you are new to the​ area
and would like information 
regarding registration,
please call our office
at 952-442-0650.
We look forward to giving you
a tour and answering
 questions you may have.
If you are moving out of the district
or transferring to another school 
please call the school office
at 952-442-0650. 
This will help to ensure a successful 
transition for your child.